Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Metalink credentials

After installating a VM template with EBS 12.1.3 and trying to installing some patches using the Patch Wizard I got an validation error: "Unable to connect to Metalink. Please enter a valid Metalink userid and password. Please also check if the Web Proxy Setup information is correct." at the Setup Metalink Credentials page. See screenshot below.
In the Applications Manager Log this message occured:
[AJPRequestHandler-HTTPThreadGroup-22][21:43:8:818, 1/17/11] URLFETCHUTIL: Opened Connection to: http://updates.oracle.com/ARULink/XMLAPI/query_patches?bug=-1&platform=2000&userid=john.do@oracle.com&email=john.do@oracle.com&language=0

[21:44:25:97, 1/17/11] oracle.apps.fnd.oam.sdk.util.url.URLFetchException: Connection timed out (errno:238); Root exception is:
 java.net.ConnectException: Connection timed out (errno:238)
Let's try this url in the browser: http://updates.oracle.com gave a time out, but https://updates.oracle.com gave response! So it looks like the link is incorrect / changed. At metalink I found metalink note 1267153.1, but that was for OEM and not OAM. But there is also metalink note: New ARU Access Protocol Requires Patches for Patch Wizard in Oracle E-Business Suite and Patch Manager in Oracle Application Change Management Pack for Oracle E-Business Suite [ID 1267768.1]
A cryptical description, but after applying Patch:10364346 described in the note the Metalink connection from Patch Wizard worked:

This is tested on EBS 12.1.1. on HP Itanium and EBS 12.1.3. on VM Oracle Linux 32 bit.